What Corona Virus Bring to US

The unexpected virus happened in 2020, it was a epidemic。 To protect, we were encouraged to stay at home, wash hands constantly, exchange fresh air by opening window, wear mask when going out。 And every time we went out, temperature will be tested。

These all brought thinking to us: why the virus happened, and what is the value of our life, and what we can do.

The investigation on the virus happening would be carried out by scientists, we do hope that they are safe during the whole process. What will be the value of our life ? We thought it was trying our effort to help others, by our help, others will get better. Take example of doctors, they did their effort to help the affected people; for the cleaner, they did their effort to make the surrounding clean; for the policeman, they did their effort to control the crowd gathering.

And what we can do ? As businessmen, we thought over and over. And we can only do as mush as we can of good things and avoid bad things as much as can. For good things, we will donate to help protect our nature, we deliver mask for free for customers, and we try to do every good thing;

Due to the virus, the normal business was interrupted, raw material supply stopped, freight company stopped. With the better situation trending, we were able to recover gradually. And raw material price was lower, because there  are a lot of stock of raw material, and galvanization is lower, because they do not work for some time. We started ground screw production smoothly, also with production of post spike, post anchor.

Ground screw productionPost spike factory




We do wish this virus go away as soon as possible. And everyone stay healthy and stay safe. This is our biggest wish.

At last, we post a picture of mask type and mask usage to help understand how to use the mask。 The resource is from State Council of China。 And we translated。

mask guide


Anchor Bolt Washers

For attaching bottom plate or sill plate to newly poured concrete foundation
Hot dipped galvanized anchor bolts and plates are recommended when working with treated lumber
Also available packaged in burlap or poly bags

Anchor Bolts With Nut & Washer

Helical piles, sometimes called helical piers or helical anchors, are underpinning deep foundation elements for soil stabilization and foundation needs. Helical piles are manufactured from extra strong steel shaft and helical steel plates.

helical piles







As factory – manufacturer, we are able to produce various types of lead sections for the pile or anchors shaft and varied size of helical steel plates, which means the steel grade, length, thickness, diameter of the pile shaft and number of helices, their diameter, pitch angle, steel plate thickness, position on the pile shaft can be customized according to customers’ drawing or sample.

solid square shaft helical pile










There are solid square shaft helical piles and hollow round shaft piles available。 They both work well upon choosing the suitable type according to project ground conditions。 The shaft consists of helices, number of which is customizable according to soil conditions。 When project need combination of square shaft and round shaft, bolted coupling will join these segments which also within our manufacturing capability。

helix plate

The helical piles have large tension and compression capacities。 They are used extensively, from underpinning to earth retention, tieback systems, deep foundation, residential and commercial building where fast installation is required – no excavation。

helical screw anchors







In summary, helical piles foundation advantages are:
1. Quick installation
2. No soil disturbance
3. Environment friendly
4. Durable against corrosion
5. Usage in limited access

We have strength to produce helical piles:
1. Manufacturer – to produce various type
2. Cost – we are located in hometown of steel, which enable us to save cost for customers
3. Professional – we have more than 10 years experience on export & production according to drawing / sample
4. Service – work as team member
5. Reliable – worldwide customers would recommend us as reliable partner.





For foundation, we also produce ground screws which are applied for ground mount solar installation, housing, carports etc.

Foundation screws are a concrete free screw pile foundation system used as ground mounting system for solar PV and house foundation. It is quicker to install, is more efficient, sustainable and has higher value for money when compared with the concrete foundations. It is also used in road construction, highways, fields, parks, decks etc.

foundation screws

Screw foundations are easy to install. There is no requirement of heavy manpower as digging is not necessary while using foundation screws. They can be installed even on places where concrete is not used. There are no wet trades and no landfill is required where the screwable foundation posts are installed.
The foundation screws are made of steel and they also have hot dip galvanization to the effect of corrosion on them. Due to this, they can be used for longer periods. Ground screws foundations are safe and easy to install. They also require very less installation time. It is also very easy to remove and relocate the structures installed on foundation screw piles. There is minimum impact on the landscape and the aesthetics of the place are well maintained.

screw piles house foundation

The performance of the mini screw pile foundations is consistent and reliable. Even if the design of the structures is different, the foundation screw piles can accommodate all of them because of different screw heads. The vibration is minimum during installation and noise production is also below construction limit.
Foundation screws are made of fine carbon steel and the connecting parts are completely welded on the head. This gives the screw in foundations superior load bearing capabilities when compared with the conventional footings and other ground fasteners. They can be loaded as soon as they are installed and no incubation period is required before loading the structures standing on foundation screw anchors.

Other ground screw type.

We are professional foundations screw factory in China, reliable partner to supply with most competitive price。

Frame construction is widely being used for a variety of reasons and with the lumbering and hardware industry. The article will help in knowing more about the uses of Adjustable Post Anchor for support and more. There are variety of shapes and sizes available within the lumbering industry. They are manufactured using the metallic fasteners. The product is widely being utilized in lumber and timber related equipments along with metallic industry. The carpenter and wood maker should have an ideal understanding of the metal industry as to enable and select most suitable material for every project. The article also covers variety of sizes and shapes with usual sizes and construction of carpentry. They also cover the ways of measuring lumber quantities using regard with the board feet. The units are usually taken into account in many forms.

The Adjustable Post Anchor北京赛车pk10投注 uses variety of grades for managing the building materials. They obtain timber from the sawmills and has three main classes including yard lumber, structural material, and factory lumber. They are being classified according to their quality features and so on and the carpenter should decide the appropriate choice for the intended purpose. They must exercise economy by selecting a better choice and all. They are also taking care of expensive grade as required. The Lumber is often classified into variety of parts and so on. You can always select the good physical appearance and finish of the lumber.  They are being identified from the various grades and are compared with various contrast and quality features. They are quite useful for natural finished products and are practically clear in all senses.

Some of the Anchor is quite suitable for general construction and utility purposes only and identified from various grades with quality features. Some of them are also utilized with the framing, sheathing, along with other structural forms in which the stress or strain is actually not too high. They often permits less waste and lowers in quality features and quite useful for rough working spaces and so on. They are also helpful for footing, guardrails, and rough flooring. They are also being utilized for sheathing, subfloors, and roof boards within the lower priced types of construction and quite amazing choice for many people. They are regarded as the prominent industrial outlet for boxes and crates. They are manufactured using the variety of features including different kind of lumbers and so on. They are employed mainly for the frame and walls using the frame construction industry and more. Building frames are the wood forms constructed to support the finished members of a structure.

There are posts along with beams and girders that support the entire material space. They are frequently being using wood framing quite a few others for construction purposes. The heavy framing components are being utilized as beams and girders. The outside wall of the frame attached also has three kinds of layers and Sheathing and siding lumber are being used with them. They have been applying siding that is either vertically or horizontally as needed.

Ground Screw is a major component of the industry and helpful for supplying dig ground screw per drawings and recommended with proper ground screw foundations as like the soil investigation report or type of usage. They are being managed using the reasonable pricing mechanism and high quality needs. The products as offered also own two Certificate of Utility Model Patent and three Certificate of Design Patent. The ground screw equipments are quite popular within the construction industry and helpful in managing solar powered plants and city guard rails.

Ground Screw

The Ground screw is equipment made of concrete material and has a free ground foundation and so on. The product is quite efficient and sustainable as well using the great value for money and can be compared with concrete foundations. The product also has a proven technology as ground mounting system for solar PV and housing products. The products are being utilized in construction and highway industries and within the fields. They are fully capable of supplying no dig ground screw per drawings and often recommended using the proper ground screw foundations according to soil investigation report and more. They are utilized using reasonable price and high quality features.

In the case of lathe machines they hold the material and while spinning and rotating they are manipulating the entire shape。 The material is also turned onto a horizontal shape and is being shaped by other people in the long run。 They also own variety of fixed tool or device and help in easy to note symmetry and manipulating the desired final product to a great extent possible。 The overall spinning of lathe occurs as making the production and variety of tasks may be performed by the operator to manipulate the final good。 The machinist can start sanding the object or cutting and even knurling or drilling them in best possible ways as needed。 The multi spindle screw machine is more specialized than a lathe whenever they take care of the production of small, individualized parts and so on。 The machines are quite useful for creating thicker items like an automatic lathe and so on。

The screw equipments also include multi spindle varieties and have limited practice space of three and a half inches. They also own technology with great help and so on being utilized for manufacture such items are precise turned parts and not even screw parts. The common examples of precision turned parts include spindles, shafts, steel pistons, charge pumps and more. The tips, washers and brass slippers are also categorized in the same list and so on. They are also being utilized for a variety of reasons and helpful in creating small pieces that does not have screws. A variety of such pieces is not even threaded and has a conception of the mechanism that it was utilized to create screws. They are also being utilized for the creation of use for making them has become quite antiquated. The ground screws are quite popular in constructing solar power plants along with city guardrails, advertising boards and house buildings. They own quite concrete free ground foundation with efficient, sustainable and value for money compared to concrete foundations.

The Hua Sheng Metal Product北京赛车pk10投注 Company was established in China, long back in 2001. Since their inception, they have come up as a trusted name in the manufacturing industry, offering products like post anchor, ground screw, timber wood connector, fence post, steel nail etc. at reasonable rates. Initially they started their business on a domestic platform but through time, they have emerged into a reputed international exporter brand, trading their patented in-house products to overseas markets spread across countries in America, Asia and Europe.  While it comes to the choice of construction projects, nothing can be more reliable than HS Metal Products.

Apart from their regular range of commodities, HS Metal Products also accepts custom orders from their esteemed clients and manufactures personalized products and equipments for them, in accordance with samples or drawings received from them. They also offer additional services like soil testing/investigation report generation before suggesting the most suitable type of ground screws for a particular location. HS Metal products are continuously working towards expansion of their client base by building mutual trust, respect and cooperation for the years to come. They pledge to provide the best quality of steel components required for different construction purposes, at the client location, within the duration specified by them. A satisfied range of versatile clientele chains mirror their area of perfection.

Product Catalogue from HS Metal Products

  • Post anchors: They are made of steel and are available in 5 different types viz. ground screw, post spike, post support, adjustable anchors and post base. All of them find indiscriminate utility in building structural skeleton of light/temporary modern constructions. Post anchors of different sizes are applied in different places. Their main purpose is to join the elementary components of the larger structure and impart basic strength and sustainability to it.


  • Timber connector: They are made out of 3 kinds of steel viz. carbon, stainless and alloy steel. Raw timber connectors are given a finishing touch by surface treatments that are meant to protect them from rotting. The popular treatments are hot dip galvanization, zinc plating, chrome plating etc. By implementing precision metal stamping technology, timber connectors of various types- shapes and sizes can be made to suit varied customer requirements. They are widely used in construction and are contrived to join a variety of materials together such as wood to concrete wall, wood to wood and wood to steel


  • Fence post: They are made of steel and have an inbuilt drainage channel that enable them to allow a path for running water to go down into soil and thereby protect associated wooden structures. The underlying basic steel structure is surface treated to eliminate all possibilities of rusting and is thus hot dip galvanized, powder coated or plastic protected. Fence posts can be made to penetrate soil maximally by using a shovel. There are a couple of designs options for fence posts- a light type that is meant for use in gardens because here they can be very conveniently installed, and a heavy type that is meant for farm and/or residential usage because they require installation by angle post and gate post. Rely on this master team to make you earn the best of experiences in bagging the products perfectly suited for your construction industry.

In modern day construction, post brackets are indispensable and form the backbone of relatively temporary structures like- fence, barrier, tent, pergolas, shelters, greenhouse and other forms of light construction. These anchors come in various shapes and sizes and serve to fasten or bolt together the basic components of these constructions. Being made of steel, they are highly durable and provide overall strength and stability to the structure. They are popular because of their ease of usage, wide applicability and sustainability.  They come in different protective surface coatings viz. hot dip galvanized, zinc coated, powder coated, plastic coated, painted etc.

Types of Post Brackets

There are five basic kinds of fence post brackets:

  • Ground screw/ screw pile/ helical pile: They are vital for contemporary construction foundations and eliminate the necessity for any kind of excavation and use of concrete. This renders them as a very cost-effective and time saving option, without compromising on durability. They can be just drilled into the ground, keeping the surroundings untouched. Post brackets
  • Post Spike: They are metal spikes bearing one sharp end, which is buried underground as base and offer a strong anchor for timber posts held at the other end.
  • Post Support Bracket: They are the much popular steel post brackets for wooden constructions. Their shape varies per fixing place. The common examples are post anchor brackets of L type, T type, U type and H type. Fence post repair bracket  is devised to erect timber fence post easily and effectively. It protects the bottom of the wood fence from moisture, termite, decay etc.
  • Adjustable Anchors: They are so called because their height and width can be manually adjusted according to demand, at any stage, even after installation. This property enables them to be used in all sorts of connecting parts.
  • Post Base: They are round, square or TT post base steel structures, which are popularly used when posts are installed into concrete or any other hard surface with nails and screws. Fence post support bracket are common ingredients in fence posts, pergolas, decks, canopies etc.


Benefits of using post brackets

There are numerous benefits of using the different kinds of galvanized post brackets-

  • Eliminates the necessity of excessive digging.
  • Totally or partially reduces the effect of frost heave: Frost heave is a phenomenon that occurs when there is freezing of water and expansion of ice. The consequent pressure that builds up on the posts, is powerful enough to heave or throw them out of the ground. This might result in bending or breaking of the structure built on these posts.
  • Drops time required for installation.
  • Provides protection to grounded wood posts: Some brackets for fence posts are designed to allow water drainage below the level where wood posts have been planted. This aids in prolonging the life of the wooden posts.
  • Can cut through small rocks, asphalt and tree roots: fence post mounting bracket facilitate easy slice-through or push-around unforeseen underground obstacles that hinder progress of your construction venture.

From the size, there are 6 x 6 post brackets, 4 x 6 post brackets etc; from the usage, there are wood post brackets, patio post brackets, post saddle brackets, post footing bracket。

The China based HS Metal Products company started manufacturing and supplying ground screws since the year 2007. In this respect, they have acquired a total of 5 patents across 2 different categories- 2 certificates of Utility Model Patent and 3 certificates of Design Patent. Ground screws are made of steel and bear an outer hot dip galvanized protective coating. They are also referred to as “helical pile” or “screw pile”. They are used in the construction of fences, guardrails, advertising boards, houses, solar power plants etc. Based on utility, there are 5 types of ground screws viz. ground screw, ground screw with flange, ground screw with stirrup, ground pile and ground pile with flange. Also, they can be custom made according to drawings or samples received from the client. In any case, ground screws from HS Metal Products come with a guarantee of world-class quality and that too, at a very competitive rate, as per industry standards.

Ground screwGround Screws are unique products that offer remarkable advantages over other traditional products with similar usage in construction e.g. conventional piles & posts or pad and post systems. Since their discovery, they have come a long way and are now available in a wider array of shapes and sizes. Their height and width are made to vary as per fixing place. HS Metal Products offer an additional service towards determining the most suitable type of ground screw for a particular project i.e. soil investigation report generation. It is advisable that consumers consult the knowledgeable suppliers of the company before determining the best type of screw to be used for each specific application, at a particular location. This will help to eliminate the risks associated with employing a ground screw variant that is inadequate for the task.

Ground screws have become the most popular choice in construction within a very short span of time after their invention。 They make work very easy especially for the home handyman involved in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects。 Position of simple ground screws can be easily modified- removed and repositioned, without any form of digging or use of concrete。 This allows significant reduction in time and manual labour。 Ground screws can be fixed in a manner similar to wood and metal screws。 Their spiral built facilitate easy insertion into the soil with application of much less force。 Also, their face provides increased surface area which allows much more stable contact with the binding soil。 This results in decreased possibility of shifting and frost heave due to dry or wet soil conditions。 It is needless to say that the use of ground screws impart high degree of stability and durability to the structures in which they are used as a component。 However, ground screws are not suitable for some soil types, such as those with lots of gravels, sand, shale, stone, frozen soils etc。

In spite of these drawbacks, ground screws are pretty adaptable and can be inserted in close proximity to overhangs, where piles cannot be driven. They can be easily installed on slopes with the help of light-weight equipments used for many other applications and in a less disruptive manner i.e. the surroundings can be left untouched. This also means less noise during construction and less waste left over and less clean-up after completion of project. Ground screws can be subjected to structural load immediately after installation and does not need any window for incubation. Undoubtedly, the use of screws is a very convenient and cost effective affair.

We are manufacture of hot dip galvanized steel post spike, apart we also produce various kinds of fence post anchors and act as trade of steel nails construction product.

We shipped fence post spike to New Zealand, and our customers are so kind to share us with the usage and feedback。

Feedback on fence post spike

The fence post spikes are in along the first area of fencing, they worked really well and are very sturdy and solid. One had to be cut shorter due to the ground, and we had one twist a bit due to the tree roots, but so much easier than digging the holes that would have been required otherwise.One had to be shortened as we hit something solid and it was going no further into the ground. Still in deep enough and lovely and solid.

北京赛车pk10投注Really pleased with the spikes and although they wobble a bit the first few hits into the ground, they become sturdy very fast and by the time the metal base for the posts is at ground level, amazing how strong.

Thank you for a very brilliant product。

Two builders are coming up next week to have a look at the project and view how it has all gone together and strength, so that will be interesting.

Thanks again and hope you enjoy seeing the photos.

hot dip galvanized metal post holder spike

garden post spike basefence post spike








post fixing spikes










Feedback on fence post spike

 ” We are in a high wind area (gales 120-140km/hr) are normal expected speeds in winter. The fence that was built is in direct line with these strong winds as on one of the highest parts of the hill. It also has the round water tank directly behind it and this increases the gusts as the wind circles around.

As such the fence has diagonal struts in various areas along the fence line. These have metal Waratahs driven into the ground and are bolted onto the struts, so no matter what way the wind goes, the fence, and your metal spikes get extra support. Not everyone would be happy with this on some sections, but for us it is among trees and will eventually be hidden, so not an eyesore.”

fence post spike usage
Fence post spike is one of post anchors within our production capability, feel free to send us inquiry. Wondering which size suits your needs best, click for post spike specifications. We supply to large quantity with very competitive price, however we do not wholesale.
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